This section of the site is dedicated to all of my special guys.

And if you fancy showing off a little bit. Send me your photos of you in the panties or tights that I've sent you, or how aroused you feel looking at my photo's and I will have a page created just for you and a link below. As you buy more items then you can add more pics too.

You can also write a short piece to go with the pics on the page, maybe a bit about your fantasies. Or I will be happy to add something !

The only rule I have is that the photos must be of you using or wearing my items, its a real kick for me to see you having fun......

And don't worry about how rude the photo's might be. In fact the ruder the better, but of course disguise your ID in any way that you want to.


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Click the guy's name to see there page or quite often 'page's.....

Lots of my guys have more than one page.

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Johnny J Richard Ben    





Geoff Adam Ricky Sam   Roxxy


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Eric Stevie Bobby Darren Harry



Simon Thong Lover can i sniff Sissy Panty Hooter



Mr X Justin Ian Sissy Karen


Rusty Mr LoveJoy John Davey Max


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Charlie Mike Pete Steve Tony













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