It is the last year of 6 vwo, it is a busy time with a lot to do. The best thing about the last year of vwo is that the girls are now pretty well developed, especially those who stayed a year. I have had a very pretty girl on my eye for a while now; Bente. She has a very nice ass and a lovely c-cup and she has a nice face with a sweet smile, oh yes and she is 18 years old. I’ve had a crush on her for a while now and often masturbated on her sexy pictures on insta. But I wanted more, so I came up with a plan. It was the last hour at school and that is why the school was completely empty, then I told Bente that a teacher still wanted to talk to her in an empty classroom. I secretly chased her into the classroom and locked the door behind us, we were now alone together in a room and no one could hear us. I jumped her and she screamed, she tried to push me away but I grabbed her against the wall and started squeezing her tits. Now I tore her whole shirt and she only had a bra on. But she didn’t give it to me she hit me and kicked me in the dick, then she ran to the door but that was in vain. Locked up and I had the key. I walked up to her now and pushed her against the door now I could feel her ass and push my dick against her ass. I picked her up now and put her on a table, then I started to take off her pants, she shouted it out but nobody heard her. She was still lying on the table with her shoes, panties and bra on. Again she jumped up and started running around the room I pushed her on the floor and jumped on top of her. I also tore her bra apart and started sucking and licking her tits, she now tried to push me away with her legs she really didn’t give up. She ran back to the door and now I was really fed up I grabbed her and threw her on the floor, she was clearly in pain but now she wasn’t struggling anymore. I took off her panties and started licking and feeling her pussy. Now I pulled my penis out of my pants and started fucking her hard, she also started moaning while she was half crying. Now I turned her over and fucked her ass very hard she moaned and cried it out but I kept going. When I almost came I turned her over and got ready on her face and tits.

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