“For someone who doesn’t have inspiration, you’re kind of writing.”
Karel doesn’t understand anything about it.
“I’m freewrithing in the hope that in the end it will provide some inspiration,” answers Lucille.
“Freewriten what is that?”
“That’s a certain amount of time you keep on writing without removing your pen from the paper in order to activate your writing muscle.
That evening Lucille is frightened to death. “So you want me to give you a mercilessly hard beating on your thick breasts and give you a hard beating on your lazer”. With that question he grabs Lucille full in her thick breasts and starts squeezing with all his strength. Despite strong protests from her, Karel keeps hurting her thick breasts and with his other hand he pushes his full fist into her narrow slit. I’ve read it you’re just a retarded masochistic bitch. From now on I will punish you at least twice a day for one hour a day, especially because you’re too sneaky to tell me and you’re going to write about it. At the last words he turns her around and slaps her hard on her back and fat ass. Lucille is dead ashamed of her story but can no longer deny that she likes the hard approach. However, she does wonder how Karel discovered her secret feelings and threw the story away anyway. It turns out that her husband has taken the writing out of the wastebasket and interpreted it as truth. From that day on, punishment is part of their daily lovemaking.
One day it’s quite painful and the next day Lucille is horribly humiliated.
A month after freewriten, Lucille comes home from work. She finds a bill at the door.
You don’t enter the door until you have completely undressed yourself. For you clothes are forbidden.
Lucille finds it humiliating but takes off her clothes and rings the doorbell.

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