It is some years ago, that we, Lenny and my husband Charles decided to take neglected children, who were placed out of the house by the Child Care and Protection Service, into our home and raise them neatly. The latter was often quite a job, because most of the children were really out of control and didn’t care what we said. Then one day the lady from the KBS comes with a sweet dark girl. “Lenny, this is a sweet girl and I expect you to get her back on track, she shows so sweet, but she is a little bitch, with her own will”. She leaves and there I am with Esmee, an 18 year old girl, “If she were as sweet as she is pretty, we’d be done soon” Charles says to me. “Well Esmee, how would you like it if we could give you a new look from head to toe, then we’ll go into town and find out what you like”. She bounced up and her grumpy face turned into a pretty, happy face. “Really, Auntie, do you mean that, all new clothes”, “Yes girl, we really mean that”. And Esmee, gets up and starts to cuddle me, so much so that I almost suffocated, she holds me like that and gives me a kiss on top of my mouth”, “Auntie” yes she always called me Auntie. “You’re the first one to put me in the news” and another kiss on top of my mouth, which I found quite horny afterwards, to get a kiss from a woman. After we bought everything we quickly went home because Esmee wanted to try everything on at home. “Nice hey Auntie so together at home, let’s go upstairs, I can get dressed and undressed, without being watched from the outside. Once in her room, she starts to undress and a beautiful young woman emerges, with a line to snack on. “First, I’ll put on my lingerie set, you have to tell me how it looks, Auntie”. She gets out of her panties and stands naked in front of me, kissing me on my mouth again, but now I can feel her tongue coming in too. “Auntie, I am so horny for you that I would like to make love to you” And Esmee, feels the same way as my lower body and rubs my Venus Hill, I take off my skirt too and Esmeetje gets rid of my panties and feels my wet pussy. “Hey Auntie, let’s lie down” and she drags me to bed, takes everything off with me and with her too and I lie naked next to my adopted daughter kissing. But it didn’t stop there, I was used to it with Charles soon and then even sooner off and leaving me with a pussy full of sperm and when I had cleaned myself and came back to bed, he was already snoring. But this felt so intimate, making love with a woman, everything so calm and then I’m licked on my pussy for the first time, a party in itself, when she’s nibbling on my clit and right away takes my labia, after that I feel her tongue coming into my pussy and slowly going over my pee-hole, I didn’t have it anymore, all those new things on my body. “Wait a minute Auntie I have more toys and she pulls a little vibrator out of her bag. Meanwhile I had already finished so my pussy was already wet, when Esmee pushes the vibrator into my pussy and gently in and out. Oh, I was so horny on her, with her beautiful brown titties, or that she could guess my thought, I feel like she’s offering me her breasts to suck on. And with a nipple in my mouth, I go looking for her soft tissues and she had them, soaked and wet, “Wait Auntie, I’ll help you out” And the sweetheart keeps her purple pubic lips open for me and now commands me to lick her clit. And dear Swannie and Klaartje, this was the very end of a girl licking her pussy while the sweet girl, mine fingered and licked my horny little finger, “Hmm, hmm, Auntie, You taste even hornier when you think “And with her wet mouth we kiss each other intimately and through my head the thought plays that maybe I am a lesbian, which excites me tremendously, hoping that it may be so and then to live with a woman, but that will never happen, maybe if that old bag dies again. After Esmee had let me come with the dildo a couple of times, we quickly got dressed and went for coffee, “Cosy hey Auntie, making love like that, we do that more often” and again the treasure kissed me on my mouth and washed my pussy through my frizzy hair. It takes a year and we really fall in love with each other, on every occasion, we get into bed and I know for sure now I’m a LESBO, who doesn’t want to wait for the death of her husband but just asks for the divorce, I hope you enjoyed it, S and Kl. Greetings Fieke.

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